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Ek Mutthi Aasman

Ek Mutthi Aasman

Category: TV Serial Hindi TV Channel Zee TV

Characters: Avneet Kaur, Shilpa Shirodkar, Tuhina Vohra, Ashish Nayyar, Mehnaz Mann, Mohit Dagga


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Serial Concept: Ek Mutthi Aasmaan - The story revolves around Kamla Bai played by Shilpa Shirodkar who is a domestic help. It essays the personal life of house helps, their desires, aspirations and struggles and bringing to light that they too have emotions and dreams as those who are better off in the society.

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41 Reviews
Anuradha SundarThe love scenes between Raghav and Kalpi are superb. What a Kashish. Raghav Singhania's original name is AASHISH CHAUDHARY. He is a very good actor.He is looking tough but very lovable.RosyLovely couple raghav n Kalpi. ,plse don't separate them.ek mutthi aasmaan is the best.cant miss the episode just waiting for the next...Riffatplease talecast this show day means monday tuesday 12:pm pleaseMonaFrom Malaysia this is my favorite show. I will watch it again ans again just to enjoy the love between rag have and kalpana . Their chemistry is the best. Best all the serial in India. The angry look in Raghav eye shows so much passion for kalpana . Pls get them married kalpana has suffered too much beca of Palki . Hate her . Pls don't change the storyline by Rahgav marring PallkiAngienot very happy with today showSnehThe best show, realistic & great chemistry,Kalpana very elegant & mature,her love for Raghav is very deep & she seems more concern about his comfort zone,
which is very touching, pl.don't disturb this magical chemistry which they captured,
I hope mysterious Tai lady becomes a strong link for kamala bai & Vithal & they get cradit for doing good deed for last 20 year ,
Rh VaniVery goodYeshSo far this serial is going well, but unlike Jodha that started off well is now getting boring with Maha Manga's evilness similar to Qubpool Hai serial with Tanveer and Razia and Hasina and her son. I hope this serial will make it look real and have Raghav and Kalpi get married and turn Paaki evil like her mother and try to take revenge or something similar. Though I wouldn't be surprised if the director decided to get Raghav and Paaki married, which is what any movie/serial would end doing. Please if you don't have a good storyline just end the show like Punar Vivah and Khelti Hai Zindagi Ankh MIcholi and don't continue and make it boring like Qubool Hai.Angelplease raghav or kalpi kogaldi mela do
i love their chemistry
JuneI am loving this show so much now...with Raghav and kalpi.They are made for each other.....Can hardly wait for the next episode. So happy paakhi is out of the picture....thank you guys.Madhurii would like to see raghav and pakhi lovestory i think they will look good together. they should get married in the serial. it will be very interesting.kalpi and raghav dont suit each otherLaxmi Gurungthis is my favourite serial i really love raghav and kalpi u two look so romantic couple plz yeh love story yesehi banai raknaNamisha SharamaThis is my favourite serial and specilly the raghav and kalpi scene
and i want that please kalpi aur raghav ki love story ko aage bdha do na
Naisha SharaThis is my favourite serial and specilly the raghav and kalpi scene
and i want that please kalpi aur raghav ki love story ko aage bdha do na
Priyankahai dis serial is so good i love raghav u r love story is so good plz kalpana ko apki dil ki bath bathvo jaldiShabanai like ek muthi asman lot..i like kalpana and raghav..its superb serial ever i watch.Ayishalet gaurav and kalpna marry with each otherNirvanahi am from Trinidad this show is the best don't miss it for anything!!!!! I really like kalpi!!! kalpi and raghav deserve too be with each other!!!!Deepshikhaplease let raghav and kalpi marry they deserve each other.Iqra Yasini love ragehvIqra Yasinmy fav drama in zee tvPrabDose anyone know that song that plays in episode 130 after raghav gets paki out of the lake.Rohiniplz kalpi aur raghav ki luv story jaldi shuru karoMishtiit is the best story .a story of a domestic worker which inspires so many people.i love raghav and kalpi.....paakhi had enough...she got more than she deserved...now its time for kalpi to get.......its time ..Angie Khanthis is one of the best serial on tv please don't make kalpi get hurt again in her adult life. she had too much of that, as a child.JuneI dont understand why Kamla is getting upset at Kalpi...She as a mother is responsible for every thing Kalpi does is to get some motherly love.Paaki on the other hand is a spoil brat coming between Kamle and Kalpi.Raghav is behaving stupid forgetting the people that help him in need.And Vithal should not get angry at Kalpi because all those years he as a father allow Kamla to turn her back on their daughter.Feel so bad for kalpi.Anyway hang in there Kalpi.....Saleemi like itMishaI really liked the serial but with great confusion which is among raghav ,pakhi and kalpi. Wish only Raghav getting attached with Kalpi. Loved their coffee making job fight but hated pskhi's drama to get attached with raghav.Sidhart Melhotrayes i know the real name of raghav singhaniya his name is yatin mehtaSanskari realy love your serial and i love yo jodha and akbarSiyathis is superb . can any one know the real name of raghav who was in neetus house in child hood

please answer it
SanchiMujhe eya Serial Bohoth Acha Laga.DivyaOne of the best serials on TV.The cast acting is so real & do not sound scripted.Good goingProf. Santosh KumarTill now it is beautifully presented. I am afraid they will loose the grip like in other serials. TV artists should be given proper respect. The cast should also be displayed.Samiksha Baban PophareThis serial is the best serial. this serial actors are good Perform. most beatiful actors Shilpa Shirodkar, Mehnaz(kalpi),& Paaki.
I like this serial.
Satyajit. Guwahati. Assam.May GOD Bless you kamla you must success in your life. I LOVE YOU.Satyajit From Guwahati Assam"Ek Mutthi Ashman" It's a very nice seriel. kamla, bital. takia, kalpi, pakhi, raghab are play their acting very nice. It is one of the best seriels on TV. I Love very much kamla tai. I know everybody wants one kute & lovely wife and also a pyari mom in their life like kamla. My wife also have a similarity with kamla. When I saw this seriel I saw my wife with kamla. She is not more now. She left us three years ago in the disease of ADINO CARSONOMA. I have one son like Raghav (Guddu). ok GoodbyeNikki KaurOne of the best serials on TV.The cast acting is so real & do not sound scripted.Good goingAbhishek SinghalBahut Achha Seirel Hai? OUR mai ese Kabhi Miss Nai KartaMudassar Pateli like this serial becouse it's baesd on reality.&it shows life of house helpar womensAlia KhanI love dis serial becoz it is lesson for our life.....& i like this serial most
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