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Serial Concept: Set in Haryana, a bold family drama about the lives of four women of the Jhaakar family and the darker realities of their relationships that lie beneath the surface. The story is about how these four women (Devyani, Uttara, Vidya & Priya) manoeuvre themselves in this seemingly perfect family, but have serious skeletons in the cupboard that could become ugly for this family. The show dramatizes the facades, the unrest and challenges they face in order to safeguard their relationships in this family . It traces journey of these four women, which is full of trials & tribulations, lies, deceit & betrayal to achieve their ultimate aim of restoring lost faith & values back into their family, keeping in mind never to break their Maryaada. But for the sake of same Maryaada... how they will have to break their silence!!!

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3 Reviews
AwadeshCan some one please provide me the link from where i can download all the episodes.
really eager to watch this awesome love story.

It will be a great help.
Simmie can you pls help me with this.
Saurabh Khandelwalthis is a good show.my mother like to priya.SimmieCould you please upload older episode starting from episode 120, PLEASE??? I have literally looked everywhere and all the episodes have been taken down. PLEASE PLEASE COULD YOU UPLOAD OLDER EPISODES. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!
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