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Choti Bahu

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Serial Concept: Dev falls in love with Radhika, but fate has something else in store for him, and he gets married to her sister Vishakha. Ironically, Radhika too enters Devs house. And the stage is set for a rather unusual triangle with each character grappling with his or her peculiar dilemmas.

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123 Reviews
Prem.p.kumar RajChhti bahu video dawnloadRameshye sabse ghatiya he. har time surf pap. punya. kya faltu he ye is writer ko to .....kavi samne. to mile. puchunga use ki ye pap punya kaha we Sikh k aya heFaizai love it and i learn a lot from it.am your number one fun go for goal i got your back.Khalid AnwarDev married to radhika but why radhika take care of vishakaOliverI like Radhika so much because of her faith.Wasswai wanted to known when will chloti bahu end?Hassanwill dev married radhik?but why radhika take care of her sister?AnitaDev's lips are nice,i just love this guy.he knows what wantsSarah Settubai lov u 2 guys rubina ad devSenyonga Kazibwe Aaronezi wounder whether still true love is in existence.According to wat the couple went through i mean the impendiments and the remendies of want they went through,proved to me that indians they know wat love is and wat it takes to love some one.But unfortunately 2day ts very hard to find some one like rhadikah and dev here on planet earth.Wish they couple up in real life.Shakyluv da soapOwengoddieits real nice soap for mai mumNakamya OliviaI luv the soapHasyfaDev's Love remind ov ma Grandparents call each other Mummy & Daddy at dea old ageRitahbut does that love really exist among africans/this .com generation?RobbieThs' somethin' zat is educative n' so people sh'd learn somethin' 4rm it esp.thoz galz hu r afta money but nt true loveRobbieIt remindz me abt hw we used 2 b wiz ma spouse sometym back.Yahaya NiamatuI admire Dev and Radhika, true love never failsMuhumuza Samreally amazingAfoyorwoth Daphinecan i wash choti bahuNiklausReal luv is always strong and 4 luv de two of them.dey are meant 4 themself.NiklausReal luv is always strong and 4 luv de two of them.dey are meant 4 themself.Joycelene DosuI love Dev and RadrikahMutagaya Judiththis is really intresting cant get my eyes off the tv set thanx 4 thatAllyannannDev en rand r met 4 each otha no matter wat otha do en grt job to bukkedde en junior en junior tell us their namez en i like grand mum ov vishaka en vishakaMalouda.simonI hate grandma nd luv dev nd radikhaSuzannianIRILY LUV DEV&RADHIKA IWISH IT WZ A COUPLEAnita AduIt is so exciting and lovingKeys Banks Jamirubig up to vj junior $ all staff ov bukedde tv thaxs a lot choti bahu is da best ov da best keep itEdithi joy it to de maxmum coz it teacningCharlotteReally nycAsiimwe NelsonChotti bahu iz da best tv show on bukedde tv 1Keep it up.Kalungi EmmAM A BIG,FUN OF RANDIKANabagala MadinaI love Dev &RadhikaKareensurpubSarah DavisI really like Radhika and Dev by the way they are ment to be together and i hate the grandma ov Vishakha and i also like radhika's father. big up to choti bahuLucky Lianau guys y don't u get married once and for all coz i just see a perfect match.Joseph Ugandaits a real true love story,LOVE NEEDS PETIENCE I KNOW THEY WILL MARY EACH OTHERMbabazi SarahIlike dev &radhika so much,ihate grand mum of vishakaSalamatu Issahl want to watch chotic bahuRakenzyPliz rad understand dev's feelings en' love 4 u.Basma09I realy love choti bahu its one of my favourite indian serials when I started watching chotibahu the first day I loved it so much so I didn't miss any episode of choti bahu even a single episodaTrisharadika is anoying why dont she tell dev the truthCossy LovinsI wish u da best Dave & RadMwesigwa RobinSend for us some videos of Choti Bahu of this year
Mwesigwa RobinShow us some parts of Choti BahuDorcus Princensal love dev and rhadika but l hate milinaniri grand ma and vishakaMuniina Ivanilov dev and radhika but ihate grad mum so so much any way ilov such couple who kips secrets 2 each other may LORD CRISINAH brss them abanately from MUNIINA IVANMuniina Ivandid dev and radhika got marriageRicky CiaraI love radhika en dev but ihate vishak en grand ma.Choti Bahu 2CHOTI BAHU 2Downloa Tv ChannelsbhiwanaSsemambo Hamuzadis serie is really de best keep it upKambugu Edwardthis movie good to see but is taking alot of time unberstandingHamidahI love Dev's commitment, big upNabifo Patriciayah dat movie is educative and it also teaches or potrays a good message to both the married couples and those who just pretend that they are married.it also gives us the young to know what we want to become in future either to get married or to focus on somethings.it also teaches us to be GOD loving citizens.in uganda we enjoy itHassan Mubiru. Ugandaya its very nice in our country we are jst watching it but is so stunishing romantic and educativeHassan Mubiruya its very nice in our country we are jst watching itManigamukama AliyuI Hope God To Make Radika's Plans To be Well As He Get Married 2 DevManigamukama AliyuI Hope God To Make Radika's Plans To be Well As He Get Married 2 DevStella Rawis it possible 2 get de whole season 1 once yo done with it jr?Asiimwe Hilary UgI like Dev to be maried to Rhadika bcz Rhadika was naturaly made for him.Rhadika is well behaved not like Vishaka. other wise I recomend every one to watch choti bahu bcz its educative.Kulumba HamzaI want to meet both of you to thank good movie.Ann KisaasiRhadhika should stop being shy 2 dev . Remember yo dev's wife 2 then why don't u tell everybody about yo marriage , rhadhika & dev we are tired ov u guys.Jukeh MartineI like chotu bahu very much and i love u dav&radhikaSweetie At St Augustines College Wakiso In Ugandahow can i talk to rubina dilaikRaj Kishor Hottest Pussymumbai good iloveyou.Kizito EdwardIt is not good movieMirriam JosephsTs interestingWaswarandika was the good girl ........................,AkelloNow we can not watch Bukede 1 any longer, as we need a decoder. I have Star time. Where can we see choti bahu now?????????????? Please answer! Is there a video out?
Thank's guys
Nassimbwa NusulahI love u randika en davi i wish that ki geandmá 4 vishaka wasn't in the movie coz she sakes.ImeldaBanange Junior, laga akazanyo nga bwekalina okuba mubutufu bwako tukoye okulabanga ripiti ate nga nazo matankane.TwiringiyimanajeandedieuILIKE THAT RADIKA WILL BEMARRIED BY DAVESweetie At St Augustines College Wakiso In Ugandai love both vishakha and radhika coz they are really good actressesMymy EbondoI love every one in chotti bahu...:-PVishalrubena please come back in choti bhau 2Rugona Lsmaell love this movie very much dev must marry randikha,pliz show us season 2 also bukende tv.lt is intresting and educting ask for season 2 ugandansJose From Ugandai love u rubina dilaik i wud like to meet uMauricia NamaleI enjoy watching choti bahu. If grandma wasn't in that play, we wouldn't have enjoyed. Big up grandma.Ssegane FredRADHIKA IS A BEUTFUL GIRLChoti Banuto download choti banu flimsLutwama GeorgeSO ENTERTAININGMusuza MartineLove uAineRandika hear l talk to u, if u would to talk to Dev that u love him by the time Vishaka was going or the time u were on Dev's bed won't u ise things.
Thank u
Aine From Ugandawe love every one in choti bahuMaryI luv vishaka ....lolPenniekayi lovechhotubohuNalwoga Sarah Kevini really enjoy grand ma bt dev iz 4 randika big up 2 all ugandansNamanya Clovis JuniorRadhika you are the best. I love you so muchPrianka ChopraRathika and dev keep it upChoti BahuBbale nicholasAisha Mulindwa Monirahi gat nothing 2 say but wat i am going 2 spit out iz dat rubina iz meant 4 dev dats all.Bbale NicholasWow wat can i say? Dis soap is really educative and it shows us wat true love is between randika and dev.Kabasiya JoanitahI really love it!Bbaale Nelsondev was meant 4 randika not vishakaAminaI enjoy dis movie coz it is educativeTuryahikayo TarasisioDev is for Rhadika not vishaka big up to all Ugandans who watch this showTuryahikayo TarasisioDev is for Rhadika not vishaka big up to all Ugandans who watch this showTuryahikayo TarasisioDev is for Rhadika not vishaka big up to all Ugandans who watch this showTuryahikayo TarasisioThe grand mum of Rhadika shd let radhika to be free bse shes ever embarrasing the galAlly Amisii want rhadika be dave's wifeMoureeni also wat radhika to be dav's wife.Jamilai enjoy watching your videos is very educative to meEmmanuel Aupalits a nice lovestory radhika is supposed to marry dev not vishakKabunga ElvisIts a nice movie but dev en Rahdika must be married but not that vishaka. continue we are watchingSam MukasaIts a very interesting movie i lke it big up bukedde tvAnkita SonyI want to talk & meet Avinash.. I m found of u.. Plz Avi u accept my request.. I m waiting 4 ur reply..Ankita Pandey 4rm DumkaI like Avinash and Rubina very much..Both are best pair.. I love Avinash..Anna Maria SharonDev n radhika sh'd get married coz she performed all da rituals n vashakha sh'd go bac home.Ndyomubeitu WilbroadRadhikha is meant for DevDero UgandaRandhika dont let dev, i will watch this movie untill it ends/ugandans we hv fuckin money.0h0h .watch this movie u peapleDero UgandaIt is the only movie which had taken all my minds.I lyk dev and randika to get marriageJaliaI want radhika to be dev's wifeJulii like very much devrathika love storyShrikant From Ratangarh Rajasthan In Indiai love so much rubina dilaik as radhikaDebashnita Royi love radhika and dev love you so much.AnubhaI like dev radhika so muchBilkissi like radhika and dev love story very muchBilkissi like radhika and dev love story very muchAnkitapanigrahi From Orrisa RanpurI like both Avinash sachdev and rubinadilak.I love AvinashIsha DoolumDev and Radhika are made for each otherSabodinaChinna marumagal!.... Is really great and I like to talk with rubina and avinash .... Iam ur big fan plz I f u see this plz accept my request...
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