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Veera : Episode No 191 ( 18th July 2013 )

In episode 191 of Ek Veer Ki Ardaas...Veera, aired on 18th July 2013, Veera tells Baldev that Nihal is like their father Baldev accuses Ranvijay of being jealous of him, for having a father. Veera tells him that Nihal is like their father. Ratan becomes happy on seeing Ranvijay and Veera playing. Veera wishes Ratan to get remarried. Ratan reminisces the time spent with Sampooran. Ranvijay's teacher ask the students to collect items to donate to the orphans. Veera's teacher asks her to supervise the class. Veera collects items for the orphans, from her classmates. Ranvijay wishes to make a pot for Veera. Will Ranvijay get caught for missing his school work? To know more, keep watching Ek Veer Ki Ardaas...Veera...



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